Residential Yard Grading in Eden Prairie

MN homeowners want their lawns to be attractive, natural looking, and easy to maintain. This is why our neighbors call us for Eden Prairie sod delivery services. We have been providing sod installation and delivery for over two decades. We pride ourselves in quality sod, so our clients have the best lawn in the city. We provide a wide range of services to meet our client’s needs in Eden Prairie.

Our Sod Supplier and Landscaper Services


Some of our most popular services include the following:


  • Black Dirt Delivery
  • Sod Installation
  • Sod Delivery
  • Mulch Delivery
  • Commercial Sod Supplier
  • Commercial Sod Installation
  • Hydro Seeding
  • And so much more…


Quality sodding will absolutely improve the value of your property. It can also serve to filter dust, dirt, and debris along with muffling outdoor noise for you home. We’re always happy to explain the benefits of our sod supplying services. Be sure to give us a call if you’d like to know more.


Eden Prairie, Minnesota


Eden Prairie is the twelfth largest city in Minnesota with a population of 60,797. The city is located just twelve miles from Minneapolis. The nickname for the city is “EP”. The motto for the city is “Live, Work, Dream”. The city was named as one of the “Best Places to Live in the United States” by Money Magazine for a number of years. The first to settle in the area were Native American tribes.


We are so proud of the work we do as a sod supplier in Eden Prairie

The Staring Lake Observatory is a new addition to the city. The Staring Lake Observatory was donated by the Minnesota Astronomical Society and has a telescope that is nine feet tall, and sixteen inches in diameter. The telescope is on Staring Lake and a fantastic way to look at the stars and moon. While you are at the Staring Lake you can stop by the Eden Prairie Outdoor Center, where there is an authentic cabin that has been refurbished. The space hosts outdoor activities, workshops, and classes.


Going to the public beaches in the city is a favorite activity by residents and guests. There are a couple public beaches such as the Riley Lake Park Beach, the Round Lake Park Beach, and the Bryant Lake Park Beach. Each of the beaches guests can enjoy swimming, picnicking, tennis, kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding. There is a watercraft rental near the beaches where all watercraft items can be rented. Guests can spend the day at one of the beaches and have a wonderful time. There is over 120 miles of trails in the city. Guests can go bike riding, walking, or hiking on these trails where you can see nature up close and personal. During the winter months, guest can go sledding, skiing, and go ice skating. Anytime of the year is a perfect time to visit this city.


Residents in Eden Prairie always contact Deer Creek Turf for all their landscaping needs. We can improve your lawn with our sod installations and hydro seeding. Contact us today and one of our professional team members will assist you.

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If you’re interested in our work doing black dirt delivery in Eden Prairie, be sure to visit this page again soon!

Rearranging and Resodding Project


We received a call from a homeowner with a very large yard next to a small pond. They called us in need of an experienced sod supplier in Eden Prairie. It seemed that the fertilizer from the landscaping had caused the emergent vegetation around the pond to get a bit out of control, and overtake some of their yard. They had cleared some of the weeds, but wanted the edge of their lawn resodded. We graded the area and installed the lawn, and the homeowners were very pleased.

The yard grading and sod installation was scheduled to start


Our landscaping team arrived at the Eden Prairie home on the day and time that the homeowners requested. The crew began working on the edge of the lawn by removing all the weeds and debris. The crew then started grading the area so there would be proper drainage for the water. After the crew had the grading finished they started to install the sod.


This home is where we did some sod installation in Eden Prairie

Each sod pieces were cut precisely, then put into place. Each of the edges of the sod were bonded together and never placed on top of one another. By the midafternoon the crew had all the sod pieces installed on the lawn’s edges. The crew then watered the sod thoroughly as this is an important step to ensure that the sod’s roots will start growing for the homeowners.


Our crew made sure to clean up all the debris from the lawn. It is a priority for our crew to leave a property better than when they arrived. As the crew was cleaning to leave the project as it was finished the homeowners returned home. You can tell by the smile on their faces that they loved the landscaping work that we had provided for them. The crew gave the homeowners important tips to keep their sod healthy and growing and the crew let the homeowners know that all of our sod is freshly delivered daily and that we don’t use old sod for our customers, which is why our company was named the number one sod supplier in Eden Prairie. Our work speaks for itself.


A few weeks later two of our crewmembers returned to the Eden Prairie home just to look over the lawn. They wanted to make sure that it was growing and it was still healthy, which is was. It isn’t uncommon for our crewmembers to stop by and check on projects that they have provided. All of our employees take pride in each project that they work on and it is always their goal to provide the best landscaping services available to each and every one of our customers. We are the best landscaping company in the Eden Prairie area.



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