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Are you wanting your lawn to be green and luscious? If you are, then you should contact our company for our reliable Golden Valley sod installation services. Homeowners in the area who have used our services wanted to have a beautiful and attractive lawn with little maintenance. We have been proud to provide this for them for the last 25 years. We are specialists in providing new sod, black dirt, and mulch. Our company was built with a philosophy that emphasizes strong relationships, attention to detail, and hard work.

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Our most popular services include the following:

  • Hydro Seed
  • Residential Yard Grading
  • Commercial Sod
  • Sod Delivery
  • Commercial Sod Installation
  • Black Dirt Delivery
  • Mulch Delivery
  • And much more…

There are many benefits and features that our customers will receive with our services. We will ensure that all of your lawn looks beautiful and well cared for, and advise you on how to promote the health and longevity of your new lawn.

Golden Valley, Minnesota

Golden Valley was founded in 1886 and has a population of 20,371. The first settlers arrived in the area in the 1850’s. The community was mostly farming. The city celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2011 and the city has only gotten bigger and better.

Deer Creek Turf did this Golden Valley Sod Installation

Golf enthusiasts can head over to the Brookview Golf Course. There is an 18-hole course, a 9-hole par, and a driving range. The Brookview Golf Course also has a golf shop where you can purchase any golfing supplies and a grill for you to grab a bite to eat after an afternoon of golfing. More than one thousand acres in the city is parks and there is nearly fifty miles of walking trails in the city. Visitors can relax or play at one of the parks or walk upon the trails to see the beauty that this city has to offer.

Market in the Valley is a weekly event that every visitor should attend. Every Sunday under the water tower in the city is the Market in the Valley event. Visitors will enjoy live music performances, purchase handmade candy, cheese, crafts, and art. This is the perfect venue to meet up with the residents of the city and get acquainted.

Downtown Golden Valley is the heart of the city. This is where history of the city is appreciated. Visitors can stroll along Main Street and go to the boutiques, art galleries, local shops, and diners to pick up a unique gift and to enjoy dining at the diners in downtown. After spending a few hours in downtown you will see why this city is so welcoming and charming.

Homeowners in Golden Valley always contact Deer Creek Turf for all their turf and sod needs. If you want your lawn to be transformed, then contact us today and we will go over hydro seeding and sod installation at your home or business.

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Lawn Replanted After Exterior Renovation

Recently, we got a call from a dentist office in  who needed a sod company in Golden Valley to do an installation in their front lawn after they had had some exterior remodeling done. The remodelers had torn up quite a bit of their existing lawn, so we delivered the sod and planted it. Afterwards we made sure to give them guidelines on how to care for their new lawn.

We were the sod supplier in Golden Valley for this office - Deer Creek Turf

The dentist office scheduled a complimentary consultation with us and a couple of our experts arrived to the location to look over the situation, provide solutions, and then give the actual estimate. The office manager was right when she told us that the remodelers had destroyed their existing lawn. Our guys looked it over, then they measured the area and gave the office manager the estimate. She was pleased with the estimate, then she asked if we could lay the sod after noon on Saturday, when the office would be closed and on Sunday. We let her know that we could do that for her.

The sod installation began

Our crew arrived at the dental office at 12:30 on Saturday. This weekend ended up being great for doing the sod installation as the weather was fantastic. The crew started clearing the ground of rocks and debris, then they began to rough grade the area. Doing this would provide the adequate draining for the sod. The crew tilled the area so they could add fertilizer to the ground, then they watered it. The crew applied a layer of topsoil, which was approximately three to four inches, then the crew began to lay the sod to the ground.

The crew made sure to lay each sod piece straight and they also made sure that they didn’t stretch the sod. As each sod piece was laid the crew never overlapped the sod and they joined each one together. The crew made sure that the sod was laid flat, and they made sure that they had no air pockets or bumps with each sod piece as they laid them.

When the crew had all the sod laid they watered it. They watered everything with approximately an inch of water, then they cleaned up the jobsite. Monday morning one of our crew went to the office to let the office manager know how to take care of the new sod. Our crew specialists told her water the sod daily for at least thirty minutes. The key is to make sure that the sod and turf is kept moist so the roots are firm and growing. This would take about two weeks, then they should water the sod every couple of days or so. The customer was pleased with the outcome of the installation and our crew’s knowledge, which is why we are the sod supplier that customers can rely on in Golden Valley.


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