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Having an attractive lawn is always important to homeowners, which this is why they always call our company as their trusted sod company in Ham Lake. We are proud members of Turf Producers International, and our main priority is to provide our clients with quality craftsmanship, affordable prices, and outstanding customer service with each project we have been selected to do. We have over two decades of experience. We can provide complete lawn care options, including things like mulch delivery and shrub transplanting.

Services Provided in Ham Lake, Minnesota


We provide an array of services in Ham Lake, Minnesota. These services include:


  • Commercial Sod Installation
  • Commercial Sod
  • Sod Installation
  • Sod Supplier
  • Sod Delivery
  • Hydro Seed
  • Black Dirt Delivery
  • Residential Yard Grading
  • And so much more…


We provide site preparation, sod delivery and installation, and we specialize in hydroseeding. We can have your lawn looking wonderful in no time at all. Also, be sure to set up an appointment with us before you start preparing your property for hydroseeding.


Ham Lake, Minnesota


Ham Lake is a thriving city in Minnesota with a population of 15,296. The motto for the city is “Convenient Country Living”. This charming and quaint city was first settled in 1856, which at the time was mainly by hunters. The city was previously named “Glen Carey”, which means “Beautiful Valley”.


a ham lake sod company was needed at this home - Deer Creek Turf took the job

The settlers found out quickly that the soil in this area was wonderful for farming, and the settlers began growing corn, wheat, oats, sugar cane, and also making butter. The city has small town charm, outdoor recreation and beauty along with many activities, which is why the city gets thousands of visitors each year.


If you are looking for a place for the kids to have a great time indoors, then the Brown Family Adventure is the ideal location. The jungle comes alive for kids here as there is a two story tree house for kids to climb up, suspended bridges, slides, games, and so much more. The kids can get all that energy out while the parents can sit back and relax.


The Ham Lake Park is a wonderful place to enjoy beauty and nature in the city. You can play tennis, baseball or softball, and walk along the walking trails. The Majestic Oaks Golf Club is perfect for golf enthusiasts. The Majestic Oaks Golf Club has 45 holes, a beautiful pond, and a dinner theater. There is nothing better than playing a game of golf, then sitting back and enjoying a nice drink and dinner with a beautiful setting. This city has a little bit of country and a little bit of city that meets everyone needs.


Deer Creek Turf is the residential and commercial sod installation provider in Ham Lake, Minnesota. Contact us today and let us make your lawn stand out and be noticed.


Our Latest Projects


Here you’ll find some of our most recent projects in Ham Lake. Check back often!


Lawn Installation Needed for New Home Build


Recently, we got a call from a new neighbor that was planning on building a new house here. They needed quality work from a sod supplier in Ham Lake. First, we welcomed them to our area, then we wanted to meet with them, so we could provide them an estimate that would go along with their building plans and the specifications of the property.


We went to the property a couple of hours later to meet with the homeowners and they proudly showed us their land and their building plans and designs. We went over a variety of options with the homeowners. They were thrilled with our level of experience and attention to details, so they decided to go with us. We were really happy to be able to meet our new neighbors, and of course to gain a new customer!


Sod Installation at Home Begins


We measured the land on the property, then we delivered a precise amount of the best Kentucky bluegrass sod to the property. Our team started to get the site prepared by adding black dirt to a few areas on the property that needed leveling. Our team then added the appropriate drainage so any water would drain away from the home properly. The team started applying the sod.


Ham Lake sod company needed for this new home build - Deer Creek Turf

The team continued laying the sod until the landscaping was complete. The team watered the sod thoroughly and let the property owners know that it is very important that they watered the sod each and every day for two weeks, so the sod roots would knit into the soil. We also let the property owners that our team would also come out every couple of days and test the sod by gripping the blades of the grass very gently to see if there was any resistance, then it was starting to knit to the soil properly, which a couple of team members did. We always want to make sure that the sod is healthy.


We finished with the sod installation in Ham Lake for our new customers and neighbors and the couple was very pleased with our craftsmanship and speedy sod installation. The couple said they were very excited to get moved into their new home and enjoy the beautiful lawn that we had provided for them.


Deer Creek Turf is the sod installation specialists that homeowners and business can trust and depend upon for all their landscaping needs. We specialize in providing the best Kentucky sod available and with over twenty-five years in the business, we are the company to contact for all your turf needs. We let the homeowners know that if they had any problems with their sod or just any questions to feel free to call us and we were happy to welcome them to our community.

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