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In Minnesota, the residents and business owners know the importance of having a nice lawn, which is why they all contact Deer Creek Turf for all their Maple Grove hydroseeding, sod installation, and turf services. We pride ourselves on providing the best services and products for all of our customers. We provide a wide range of turf services to meet the needs of our customers in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Landscaping and Sod Company Services

We provide complete turf services in Maple Grove:

  • Residential Yard Grading
  • Sod Installation
  • Sod Delivery
  • Commercial Sod
  • Commercial Sod Installation
  • Black Dirt Delivery
  • Hydro Seed
  • And so much more…


We understand that your lawn is an investment that will accent your home, which is why we thrive on providing a beautiful and maintenance free lawn that will increase the value of your home. We can also do shrub transplants, mulch delivery and placement, and more!


Maple Grove, Minnesota


Maple Grove is a beautiful and thriving city in Minnesota with a population of 61,567. This city is the eighth largest city in the state. The nickname for the city is “The Grove”, “The Groove”, and “MG”. The motto for the city is “Serving Today, Shaping Tomorrow”. The city has a rich heritage. The city got its name after the large maple trees that was located in the area.


This home needed an expert sod supplier in Maple Grove, and Deer Creek Turf answered the call

When you arrive in the city you will want to stop by the Arboretum Park that is located on Fernbrook Lane. The Arboretum Park is a fifteen acre park that has more than one hundred trees. The Angel of Hope stature is also located at the park. Visitors can walk on the walking trails to take in all the beauty that this park provides.


Main Street is where the heart of the city is. Arbor Lakes Main Street has a variety of specialty shops, boutiques, and cafés to enjoy. Visitors can do some shopping, then stop by one of the cafés to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a delightful meal. The city has a Farmers Market year round and this is where visitors can get to meet the residents of the city and do some shopping at the same time. At the Farmers Market visitors can purchase fresh vegetables and delicious homemade baked goods such as pies, cakes, and jams. The Farmers Market is held each Saturday at the Maple Grove Community Center. The Maple Grove Community Center is also a wonderful place to enjoy ice skating, playgrounds, and musical performances on the weekends too. As you can clearly see this city has something for everyone.


We provide the highest quality of turf grass for our customers in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Contact Deer Creek Turf today to schedule a complimentary consultation at your home or business.


Our Most Recent Projects


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DIYers Get a Little Extra Help


We got a call from a customer that was redoing large portions of the exterior of their house. They were also doing some pretty intensive hardscaping but wanted to save money by doing their lawn themselves. They initially called us for our Maple Grove sod supplier services, but once we spoke with them, they realized they would want some black dirt delivery for a new garden they were planning. We were happy to help them be able to complete their project.


Sod Installation Estimate was Provided


We set up a complimentary consultation with the customer after a lengthy talk with them over the phone. Many times it is easier to show a customer rather than explaining it to them over the phone. The customer showed us where they wanted to have the sod applied, so our crew measured the area.

We were a full service sod supplier in Maple Grove for this job - Deer Creek Turf

We explained that our sod is the best Kentucky Bluegrass that is a 4-way blend. Our Kentucky Bluegrass is harvested each day, so it is fresh and not laying around like many of our competitors do. We let the customer know the essential factor of watering the sod once it has been laid, because the sod roots and the soil roots must blend together for the sod to be healthy and grow.


Our crew then measured the garden area where the customer wanted the black dirt. We graded the area by raking the area thoroughly along with making sure the garden area was level. We were able to get the job done quickly for the customer, which was very pleasing to her. Afterwards we gave her a few tips so her lawn and garden area would be healthy and beautiful.


Our crew told the customer that the grass should have at least one inch of water each day, because the water will keep the roots healthy and growing properly. The crew also informed the customer that she should not rake up any of the grass clipping from the lawn because the grass clippings will naturally degrade into the lawn and provide the lawn with nutrients that it needs to grow and stay healthy. The last, but a very important tip that the crew gave the customer was to make sure that when they are mowing their lawn to they never cut more than one-third of the grass blades, because when you cut the grass blades too short it will make the turf become stressed.


The customer thanked the crew for all the tips and for doing an excellent job. The customer must have been very pleased with our performance, because she called the office to tell them that our entire crew was very knowledgeable and hardworking, and she will be telling all of her neighbors to contact Deer Creek Turf because we are the sod delivery experts in Maple Grove.

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