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There atre so many things that are important to homeowners and commercial businesses, and of them is having a beautiful, lush lawn. Having a healthy and attractive lawn will increase the curb appeal, increase the value of the property, and improve the environment. Homeowners and business owners in Minnesota always give us a call for their Plymouth sod installation needs. As a family owned business, we are dedicated to providing superior customer service and quality workmanship. We have a wide range of services to meet our Plymouth customers.

Sod Supplier Services Provided


Our most sought-after services include the following:


  • Hydro Seeding
  • Residential Yard Grading
  • Mulch Delivery
  • Black Dirt Delivery
  • Sod Company
  • Commercial Sod  Supplier
  • Commercial Sod Installation
  • Sod Installation
  • Sod Delivery
  • And much more…


We have the knowledge and experience to provide our customers with top quality sod. We have extensive experience in the field, and constantly update our training methods to keep pace with the latest industry techniques. You won’t find a more dedicated sod supplier, so call today!

Plymouth, Minnesota


The seventh largest city in Minnesota is Plymouth with a population of 70,576. The city is located just fifteen miles of Minneapolis. The city was previously called Medicine Lake, then changed to its present name. The city was founded by Pete Scherer in 1852. Money Magazine named the city as “The number one city to live in the entire country”, and you will clearly see when you come to visit this city.


We did a great job providing sod installation in Plymouth for this home - Deer Creek Turf

The Millennium Garden is a beautiful location in the city. There is a waterfall, streams, several ponds, wildlife, and native plants that can be seen. When you visit the Millennium Garden you and your family will see all types of animals and wildlife, and this location is the best place to just unwind, relax, and take in all that the garden gives.


If you enjoy live performances, then the Plymouth Playhouse will be your favorite place to go. The Plymouth Playhouse puts on plays along with providing comedy shows that will have you speechless. For an exciting adventure visitors can go to the Zero Hour Escape. The Zero Hour Escape will have you trying to escape rooms. Do you have what it takes to escape?


This city has plenty of nightlife for adults. Visitors can go to the Lucky’s 13 Pub Plymouth or the Green Mill. The Green Mill is a favorite spot for residents and visitors. They provide a full menu for dining and each day there is a happy hour where visitors can enjoy a cold cocktail. If you are looking for the best coffee, then you can go to the Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop. There isn’t a better way to start your day than at Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop.


Deer Creek Turf may not be the largest sod and turf provider, but we are the best. Contact us today and we can provide you with high quality sod and turf for your home and business.


Interested in Finding Out More?


If you want to know more about our latest projects as a sod supplier in Plymouth, just check this page again soon!


New Sodding Needed Around Expanded Yard


A few weeks ago we got a call from a homeowner that had cleared some of the forest on their property for a new shed. They wanted the area around the shed to have a proper lawn, so they called us for residential yard grading in Plymouth and to plant the area. Once they were able to walk on the lawn, they were very impressed with our work.


A couple of our landscaping experts went out to the Plymouth residence to see the area and to provide the homeowner with a proper estimate. Our guys measured the area, then gave the homeowner an estimate that he was happy with. We were scheduled to start the project on Monday.


The New Sod Installation Was About to Begin


The crew arrived first thing Monday morning. Thankfully, the weather was ideal for landscaping. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The crew began to prep the area for grading. Grading is very important as it will allow the water to runoff properly. The crew first started removing any weeds that was in the area. The roots of the weeds had to be removed so the new grass can grow properly.


We worked on the plymouth sod installation around this yard expansion - Deer Creek Turf

The crew then started grading the area, then the crew began the planting process. After all the seeds were laid the crew then applied the fresh sod to the area. Each of the sod pieces were carefully cut and put into place. The edges of the sod were carefully bound together as the crew didn’t want any of the sod to be placed on top of one another. After the last piece of sod was laid the crew then watered the sod thoroughly. The crew wanted to make sure that the sod was heavily watered as the roots needed the water for the growth process to begin.


The crew let the homeowner know that the project was completed and they wanted to let the homeowner know that the sod and area should be watered two times a day and each day for two weeks. This would provide the sod enough water to grow accurately, then after the two weeks the homeowner could water the sod every other day depending on the weather.


The homeowner was very happy on the finished project and the work that each of our crewmember provided for his yard. The crew told the homeowner that it wouldn’t take very long before he had a rich and luscious lawn that he can enjoy, which is exactly what the homeowner was wanting. Our crew are landscaping experts and the number one sod supplier in Plymouth that all homeowners and business can trust and depend on for the best sod in the area.

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