Sod Installation

Mike Steen, the owner of Deer Creek Turf LLC, has been installing sodded lawns in the Twin City metro area for 25 years. He personally grades and assists in installing the sod rolls on each property to ensure quality measures up to the highest standards.


We took a pic of one of our sod installation jobs - Deer Creek Turf

The crew will consist of 3 to 5 people, trained to ensure that a smooth, debris-free, well-drained site is quickly sodded and watered to appear as a uniformly green, instant lawn.
For do-it-yourselfers, first see our Site Preparation tab. When ready to sod choose a starting point furthest away from the end point, (ex. back yard to street) and work your way out. Lay rolls perpendicular to any slope and use sod staples where concentrated water flows or on slopes 2:1 or greater. Stagger joints and be sure to fully unroll ends of rolls. Push seams tight. A simple and accurate way to trim is to compress the soil on the underside of the rolls against edging then flip it back and cut right along the line indentation you’ve just created. Water as you work your way out letting no more than a half hour elapse between exposing grass blades to the sun and watering it. Let water run half an hour or until the soil beneath the sod is completely and evenly moist.


We did this sod installation project for a happy neighborEstablishment
Water daily 10 to 14 days until roots begin to knit to the soil. Test this by gripping grass blades in your fist and gently pulling upward, feeling for resistance. If sod is knit in several places, mow at the highest setting after a day with no water to let the soil “harden” a bit. Mow no lower than 3 inches. Bag or rake the clippings. Water every other day or 3 times/week, subtracting for rain for a total 1.5 inches/week.


For sod laid in hot weather periods, please refer to our friends at Bachmans for their watering guide tailored the summer season:


Fertilize in September or, if installed in Fall, May of the following year.

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