Site Preparation

Site Preparation We did this residential yard grading quickly and easily

Energies devoted to site preparation vary considerably and we provide services from total lawn removal, black dirt installation and grading to sites needing only a quick raking and leveling.


With every estimate, drainage is a first consideration followed by inspecting the foundation for signs of moisture damage or potential damage to siding. We don’t wish to bury siding to effectively create necessary drainage, but will work with you to find another solution.


For very flat lawn areas where the rainwater run-off simply can’t find a way out, we can design and build a drop box and PVC pipe system to force water to the boxes and out the pipe. Because of the expense, this system is a worst-case solution to a potential wet basement problem.


SoilsBlack Dirt Delivery for site preparation If time allows, a soil test is recommended to test for organic material and minerals present. A How to Sample for
Homeowners is available at the link:
The cost is $17.00
Send on a Monday in hot weather to help preserve the integrity of the soil sample. They will check soil texture, but not specifically ratios of clay, silt, sand/gravel and organic matter. We can look at those things together along with soil compaction to see what levels of amendment and mechanical tillage is required for turfgrass establishment.

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